PGM College of Arts and Science has tremendous strength that provide a powerful platform for ongoing success and the opportunity to excel. Even as we face competitive challenges and pursue our ambitions, we remain unflinching in our commitment to deliver a transformational educational experience to our students and also to develop relevant knowledge on the frontiers of practice and policy.

Academics, perhaps, most of you will reckon, is the most exciting time in your life to cherish.   A trip to nostalgia can be a refreshing past time. Let your imaginations fire about a causal walk in the campus, your time spent in the sprawling library or a heated debate or a trivial incident.

We try to inculcate in ourselves and in our students an ability to plumb our own. We learn of our strength and weaknesses, our limits and capacities, and our habits and values. Surprisingly we with the ability to handle what might appear initially the crushing burden of coursework, finding in our students the organizational ability to do a myriad of tasks effectively, building skills that span analytical, humanistic, and interpersonal domains, learning at a pace. We encourage the students to develop a holistic perspective on issues.